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Homemade ice cream displays

Ice cream comes in a large variety of types and flavors, such as soft ice cream, industrial hard ice cream and gelato. What is referred as 'ice cream' by us is gelato as follows.
Gelato is low-fat ice cream made by Italian way, with the creamy texture and the mixed fruit flavoring, all-natural, loaded with fresh fruit, nuts, aromas and Italian flavors. It is featured that gelato is fresh and good for healthy. It is no wonder that gelato becomes more and more popular worldwide.
The gelato business is profitable, also with lots of fun. Before starting the gelato business, you needs to carry out the following plans:

1. The investment plan. The analysis should be helped by the professional specialists, mainly including the potential revenues, profitability, and the fixed and variable cost.

2. Optimized solution for shop, such as location, layout (operation room and sales area), decoration, equipment. Good location is very important. Only after the location is fixed, the amount of potential customers and selling amount in a day can be roughly figured out.

3. Professional training course to make gelato. It is indispensable to acquire the complete knowledge including operation to make gelato and running machine and the shop management for the shop owner or employee.

4. The selection on equipment, not only gelato machines, but also the accessory machines, like table and chairs, upright refrigerator, bench working table. The operation and maintenance on gelato machines are the core subject.

5. Customized business strategies, marketing plan on selling price, promotion
We can help you:
Gelato machines and other accessory equipment.
Gelato training course.
The ingredient recommended by us
Advice on shop design and equipment layout.

Gelato business is always divided to be three business plan as follows:
A. One small gelato shop or 'Kiosk'.
Features: This kind of shops takes up less than 40 square meters and demands the small investment. Furthermore, it is flexible on the promotion campaign and management improvement according to the market demand.

The whole set of the suitable machines is combined machine+blast freezer+display cabinet.
Combined Machine of Pasteurize & Batch freezer (Heat-Freeze Combination Machine) is an ideal machine for ice cream making. It is fast, simple, reliable and space-saving. This machine perfectly suits modern ice cream makers who want total hygiene, simplicity of use and efficacy. An entire workshop in one machine only. Production of all types of ice cream. Perfect pasteurizing, fast production, easy operation. Low running cost by saving water and power. The new model has a brand-new freezing cylinder and improved dasher results that freezing is more even on the inside surface, it can produce much harder ice cream with better texture. An industrial quality frequency control device makes the machine extremely quiet and adds years to the operating life of the machine. The easy-to-read electronic module shows the progress of the batch and has a fault diagnosing mode. More flexible operation system with Hardness-Control-System (HCS), you can change freely low or high overrun even during running, as well as the output speed as you wish during extruding progress which allows you gently art deco the ice cream. It can produce high overrun Ice Cream, Homemade Italian Gelato, Slush, Sherbet & Sorbet, Yogurt, Smoothie and Frozen Custard etc.

B. One big gelato shop or in-chain shops
Features: The area is more than 40 square meters for each shop or in-chain shops.
The whole set of the suitable machines is Pasteurizer+Batch freezer+Blast freezer+Upright storage freezer+display cabinet OR Combined machine+blast freezer+display cabinet. The whole process carried out by the above machines is as follows:

Firstly, the pasteurizer is used to process the ice cream mix well. After the material like milk and base is poured into the pasteurizer, the whole preformance will be achieved automatically, which is made up of pasteurizing, ageing and keeping-fresh at +4℃. During this period about 2 hours, the texture will be getting smoother and more sticky while the blender is working continuously and evenly. The premium gelato is always based on this fundamental stage.
Secondly, Every time you just need to take out some of the mix and add the flavors before putting into batch freezer. It takes batch freezer to make gelato in 12 minutes each batch. However, the taste is not excellent when you find gelato is a bit soft at this stage, which is resulted from the inner temperature of -8 ℃ ~ -12 ℃ .
Thirdly, the gelato needs to be deep freezed inside the blast freezer at –25 ℃~–35 ℃ (the destination temperature depends on different material) for 15 minutes~20 minutes. As a result, the taste is perfect finally.
Finally, the gelato is ready for sales. One display cabinet is always placed in the shop to show all kinds of delicious gelato.
The upright refrigerator is always prepared to store gelato for sales next day if it is allowed.
(P.S. Gelato can surely be kept inside our blast freezer if it is in a small quantity. )

C. Gelato plant at a small or medium scale
Features: It always acts as the center kitchen or factory for shops. The production cost is reduced upon enhancing the production ability greatly. Moreover, as for the only-one production base, the uniform flavors is always realized for the same brand.
The whole set of the suitable machines is Pasteurizer+Batch freezer+Blast freezer+Upright storage freezer+Cold room (or several upright storage freezer)+Cold Van/Cool box+Display cabinet.

The above machines are usually with the large production ability, and more than one set of the above machines are employed if needed. Besides, for some clients who demand the large&fast production, the pumping system is required to connect the pasteurizer and batch freezer to achieve the automatic production.

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